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You make products to help protect individuals and families across their lifetime.

We build innovative solutions to help you connect and engage with your customers.

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You use your vast expertise to recommend the right products for your customers needs.

We arm you with seamless technology to make your customer experience paper-free.

Our Products

Forms does the heavy lifting for you

Streamlined client insurance application process for the HK market.

Seasonalife prepares you for your meeting

The best advisors can answer these questions before they are even raised.

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Let Campaigns help you deliver

An integrated machine learning platform which allows your agents to engage the right leads.

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To disrupt Insurance you must first understand it

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Building state-of-the-art platforms to solve real world problems

Distribution Innovation

Designing creative solutions that allow you to connect seamlessly with your customers


Incubating Actuarial 2.0

Data Science

Empowering decision making with analytical insights

Working at Coherent

We thrive on every person making a difference.

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