Imagining a New Tomorrow Requires a New Way of Thinking

We focus on making insurance simple using awesome technology and AI.

We have the killer blend between insurance expertise and awesome technologists to challenge what is possible

Why are we different?

Engineering & Design

We drive continual enhancement to solutions we offer to our enterprise and intermediary customers.

Data Science

Our team applies the most advanced data science techniques to extend what's possible to manage complex data challenges and algorithm solving.

Actuarial Scientists 2.0

You will find us at the meeting point of actuarial science, data science and technology. Actuaries for a new way of thinking about insurance.

Customer Success

They work seamlessly with our teams to drive genuine and tangible OUTCOMES that make our business better each day.

The Coherent Team

We believe in a transparent and open culture, where any team member is encouraged to constantly provide ideas, views and challenges to our business.

John Brisco

There is no passion in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of achieving

Bob Charles

Instead of taking the lift Bob walks up 10 floors.

Peter Roschke

Built rockets, cannons and hover-crafts – recreationally. Looking for new outlets in Hong Kong.

Leong Chew

A walker who can't be still on one spot for more than 10 mins. Cooking and sleeping are the only activities that get my undivided attention.

Daniel Lee

Tech junkie at heart but tries not to have anything to do with hashtags.

Andrew Wylde

Storyteller and foodie. When not on the phone or drinking coffee can be found on the football pitch.

Bob Tam

Used to be a PT for 10 years.

Bo Hong Deng

Adventurer and explorer. Most recently seen in the hills of Medellin mingling with street artists.

Every day we challenge ourselves to be obsessed with making our customers lives easier