Unbiased competitive intelligence on life and health products in Hong Kong.

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A full range of Product Intelligence to insurers of all sizes

Market Knowledge

Unparalleled insights from actuaries and distribution experts

Provides insights for executive management, distribution leaders and product development teams.

In depth comparison

Access to Seasonalife

  • Dashboard showing the hottest products
  • Intuitive product comparisons against the competition
  • Deep dive functionality for pricing and GN16 projections
  • Assurance of Competition Ordinance compliance

Intelligence Reports

The pulse of the latest market development

Product Intelligence Reports with our actuaries' insights and periodic Flash Cards when a noteworthy product hits the street.

Product Strategy and Development

Product Advice

For insurers of all sizes

We supplement stretched internal resources. We provide expert independent perspectives on the competitiveness of your current and planned products.

Actuarial 2.0

We bring tech capabilities and distribution expertise to the table

Data analytics. Adding gamification to tools for sales and enhanced customer experience. Knowledge and mindset you cannot get from a traditional consulting firm.

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Unbiased competitive intelligence on Hong Kong life and health products.

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