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December 21, 2018

New Management Team Change at Coherent Group

Hong Kong, 21st December, 2018 – Coherent Group announced today a new management team structure, with the promotion of Mr. Bo Hong Deng, Mr. Peter Roschke, Mr. Bob Charles and Mr. Andrew Wylde into an extended management team.

The management transition corresponds with the news of original co-founders Michael Chan and Fred Ngan leaving the Coherent Group to establish and operate Bowtie Life Insurance Company Ltd.  Bowtie was recently granted Hong Kong’s first virtual insurance license by Hong Kong’s Insurance Authority.

Coherent Group will continue to be led by current CEO, Mr. John Brisco who will also take an expanded founder remit within the business. The unique business model and team depth of Coherent excites Mr. Brisco about future growth prospects. 

“Firstly, we are delighted and proud that our original co-founders have been able to follow their passion to create a new and unique virtual insurer in Hong Kong and we wish them huge success in the future.” said Mr. Brisco. “Coherent has carefully managed a transition strategy that has been in effect for the past six months, with the new management team helping achieve record business revenues and the release of three new technology products in the marketplace. The business will continue to accelerate growth in 2019, as we seek to expand exciting new business model concepts and technology innovation for the Asia market.”

The remit of the new management team is focused around Coherent’s 2019 priorities:

· Bo Hong Deng – leading the design of new business model concept experimentation, data science and partnership ventures;

· Peter Roschke – leading AI and technical technology product expansion;

· Bob Charles – leading advisory and product/data intelligence services;

· Andrew Wylde – leading business development and commercial strategy.

“The management team is hungry and ambitious for growth in 2019.” said Mr. Brisco. “With a collective team of over 50 people across technology engineering, actuarial, data science and UX design we look forward to scaling new ambitions and achievements for our customers, investors and team.”

About Coherent Group

The Coherent Group originates and operates from Hong Kong.  The business is a collection of insurtech start-up business models including Coherent Capital Advisors and Seasonalife, with a mission to make insurance simpler and more intelligent.

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