Junior Data Analyst

Ensure our market-leading insurance product database remains the best in Hong Kong.


  • Responsible for updating our market-leading insurance product database to ensure it remains the best in HK. This will involve working with our teams to constantly understand new/existing product changes in the HK marketplace
  • Work with our awesome actuarial team to help deduce values/logic for insurance premium and cash value projections that are accurate and precise
  • Guide data input analysts to input data accurately within our proprietary insurance product database
  • Collaborate with our Coherent team members to help with the design of our data models for our research, technology products and advisory services


  • Proficient and skilled at data analysis
  • +2-year experience in data entry roles (this can also include internship experience)
  • Familiar with MS Office (particularly, Excel)
  • Strong listening skills and an ability to work in a collaborative manner with teams…great teams = great results
  • Actuarial/Statistic/Maths major graduate 
  • Related job experience in insurance sector
  • Advanced MS Office (Excel) 
  • English / Chinese capability
  • (Optional) programming experience, e.g. Python, VBA, R would be great, but if you are open to learning, then we help you develop coding skills