Back-end Engineer

Build customer centric software that you are proud of.


  • Set a high bar for quality of code and quality of developer experience 
  • Write efficient, reusable, scalable and testable code 
  • Work in a cross-functional team involving designers, engineers, and subject experts 
  • Demonstrate technical leadership, manage a project end-to-end, and mentor junior engineers 


  • Passionate about designing and writing quality software 
  • 2+ years developing and launching web apps into a production environment with expertise in backend frameworks like Python/Django, or .Net Core 
  • Comfortable working with databases and data design (relational or NoSQL) 
  • Designed and built scalable API architecture and interfaces 

Our tech stack:

  • Major languages/frameworks: React.js/Redux, Python/Django, .NET Core 
  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services 
  • Database: Postgresql, Redis, MongoDB 
  • Monitoring: ElasticSearch, Kibana 
  • Automation: Lambda 
  • Queue: SQS, Celery, RabbitMQ 
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Circle CI, AWS Codebuild, AWS CodePipeline 
  • Deployment: Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation, Docker 
  • Other SaaS: GetResponse, SendGrid, Auth0, Cognito, Firebase, Papertrail 

We work mostly in Python and C#