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Product Factory

A cheaper, faster way to roll out products? Meet Product Factory.

Product Factory is a groundbreaking engine that helps insurers develop and operationalise new products with ease. Create and test products centrally and deploy them as complete configurations that connect with Mainframe Platforms and other Policy Administration applications.

Product Factory has outstanding auditability and is scalable across geographies. That means reduced dependence on vendors and specialized resources, minimal training overhead, and lightning speed roll-out of products.

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Gain product insights to make better decisions.
Seasonalife does that and more.

Seasonalife is an award-winning platform that boasts a comprehensive database of product information so you can get to the pulse of the market instantly.

With Seasonalife, you can access quarterly research papers and weekly product news updates, so you can stay one step ahead of your competition and fine-tune your product and business strategies.

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Eliminate painful admin so you can focus on increasing sales.
FORMS reduces the application process to mere seconds.

FORMS is the smart application platform for insurers. Its responsive design can be accessed by your agents and advisors anywhere and features form autofill functionality, instant document and signature capture, and live illustrations.

With FORMS, information is continuously validated, so your agents can avoid needless back and forth with customers before submission. FORMS is seamless, intelligent and fast, which means your agents have more time to focus on cross-selling and upselling without the burden of excessive paperwork.

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FNA can feel like a box-checking exercise.
eFNA helps you get more out of one FNA form.

eFNA is Hong Kong's first and only application data exchange platform, powered by smart technology. It uses open APIs to streamline the FNA application and submission process while ensuring that all regulatory compliance needs are met.

eFNA integrates seamlessly with PoS solutions and insurer back-end platforms, allowing you to track and review brokers' activities.

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Engagement Hub

A 34% jump in sales.
How's that for ROI?

Engagement Hub uses gamification and tested tools to engage customers and drive leads. Run campaigns to excite new and existing customers and generate actionable insights to power the sales process.

Don't just take our word for it though, ask our customers. One major insurer saw sales jump by 34% after launching a game on the platform and is continuing to see results with Engagement Hub.

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Agent Recruitment Platform

You want to hire the best talent.
We help make it easy.

Our Agent Recruitment Platform gives you immediate access to the most competitive candidates, based on your search criteria.

See your complete hiring pipeline visualised on a single dashboard and stay connected with candidates from the first conversation, through to onboarding, and beyond. Hiring has never been faster or simpler for insurers.

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