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How can I create an account?

If you are a broker, please go to and click on the eFNA link. Follow the on-the-screen prompts to finish the steps of creating an account (seems such prompts are not ready yet).

If you are an agent, please bear with us for now. We are working on the agent version and will make an announcement once it is ready.

Getting Started

Who can create an account?

Broker firm may create an account by providing member(s) with valid PIBA or CIB registration number.  We will validate your registration number with your broker administrator.

Getting Started

What devices can I use Seasonalife Express?

Our eFNA platform currently supports devices with Windows PCs (Windows 7+) or Mac OS (10+) including iPad (iOS 11+).

Getting Started

Is there an app to download

eFNA is a web-based platform so no app is required.  It supports Chrome and Safari.

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

Is your Seasonalife endorsed by Insurance Authority (IA) and any insurer?

The eFNA has been endorsed by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong. Most of the insurers in Hong Kong accepts the default format which is the standard PIBA format.

(The standard PIBA format:

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

Can you output to specific broker FNA PDFs?

Yes, we can customize our eFNA platform to make the PDF export format that fits the specific format of your broker company. In general, the default export format is the standard PIBA PDF format.

(The standard PIBA format:\

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

How many insurers are you connected to?

We are working on growing the number of insurer user base and expect to eventually integrate our platform with all the insurers‘ “Point of Sales”(POS) system  in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for our announcement or contact us at for more details.

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

How many products can I apply through your system?

Our product catalog has already included hundreds of products and constantly been adding more.

The product list that you see in your own account matched with the list of products that your company is authorized to sell. For additional authorized products that you would like to add to your account, send us the related information and we will upload those to your account within 5 working days.

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

How do I know if suitability and affordability are fulfilled?

Once all the customer details have been punched into the platform, the product suitability function will highlight the suitability among all the other dimmed options on the eFNA “Product Selection” page.

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

Do I know if the client details are aligned with the product that I recommend?

If the client's choice is not aligned with recommended products, our platform will pop out a warning message.

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

Can I print the Seasonalife Express form out for ‘wet’ signature and physical submission?

If wet signatures are required, you can print out the partially completed form (with leaving the signature fields blank) and let your client to sign on the paper version.

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

Does it support electronic signatures?

Your client can sign and complete the eFNA by using the sign-on-the-screen function. When the eFNA runs on the touch screen device, he / she can directly sign on the signature field of the eFNA.

Filling in the Seasonalife Express Form

How many Seasonalife Express do I need to fill in if a client is taking out TWO policies from TWO insurers?

Brokers will only need to complete a single eFNA to apply for multiple policies from different insurers. Once signed, same set of digital FNA data will transmit to respective connected insurers.

Data Storage and Security

How secure is your website server?

Our website and servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).   AWS implements rigorous security policies that ensure your data is well safeguard.  Please refer to AWS security link at for more details.

Data Storage and Security

Can I save the pre-filled FNA forms for future use?

Yes, the drafted eFNA in the Form List in our platform will be kept for 1 year from the creation date. In the signed and submitted forms, the sensitive customer details (i.e. customer signatures) will be removed. The record retention period is no less than 7 years.

Data Storage and Security

Who owns the client data?

By agreeing to our disclaimers, any information submitted expressly instructs Seasonalife to process the information as collected in accordance with the Privacy Policy, specifically and expressly consent Seasonalife for safe and secure transmission of the information for use within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

For details, please refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on

Data Storage and Security

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored on the cloud provider called Amazon Web Services (AWS). We comply with Personal Data Privacy Ordinance including the data protection principles such as DPP2(3), DPP3, DPP4 from Section 65(2) when engaging cloud providers. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

Data policy link: XXX


Is there any confirmation after I submit the Seasonalife Express form?

Yes. Every successful eFNA submission will be given a unique reference number by the respective insurer. Only unsuccessful case will require resubmission. You may verify the submission status by clicking Review in the blue column on the left.


How do I check the status of the an application?

You can click on “Form List” on the blue column on the left, then you will see all the eFNA forms exist in your account. On the “Status” column, you will find your Seasonalife form(s) indicated as “Draft”, “Signed” or “Submitted”.


Is there any Admin account to oversee all applications submitted under the same broker company?

(Coming soon). We are currently working on the broker administrator account which will have the capability to oversee all submitted applications through your own company account.


Is Seasonalife Express free to use?

Registered brokers can use the Seasonalife Express platform for free to submit applications to the participating insurers.


Will you charge me in the future?

No. Registered brokers can use our Seasonalife Express platform for free. Charges may apply for customisation. For details, please contact us at


How do you make money if you are not charging any fees?

We do not charge registered brokers any fee for Seasonalife Express submission. Instead, we charge the participating insurers.

For more details, contact us at

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