Let Express do the heavy lifting for you.

Express is a FREE online application that streamlines the insurance application process for registered brokers in Hong Kong.

It standardises the FNA form and product recommendations mapping, that can also integrate with Insurers’ ‘Point of Sales’ application to deliver a seamless user experience.

Why Express

Get the forms filled faster

Express can automatically handle tasks that used to take up most of your time. Now you can easily duplicate an FNA form for multiple applications.

Feel confident in your submission

The application is built with suitability checking mechanism to validate all your submissions before the submission.

Do business on the go

Express is a cloud-based application to be used by any device with a web-browser and internet connection.

Who is Express for

Insurance Brokers

With ability to create, edit, save and delete FNA forms in the application.

Broker Admin (coming soon)

Oversee all submissions in the company account through our Admin Dashboard. With all the functions of a broker account plus the authority to manage their users.

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